ICGL 15 Conference Presentation -September 2022

I presented some of my research regarding language ideologies at the International Conference on Greek Linguistics 15 held (remotely) at the University of Belgrade in Serbia. This talk concerns how Istanbul Greeks take stances in metapragmatic discourse where they either align with standardized language ideologies of linguistic purity or with ideologies of linguistic syncretism. We see how some linguistically insecure speakers follow notions of linguistic purity in favor of standardized Greek, others following notions of linguistic syncretism favoring Istanbul Greek, and others still who either appeal to specific linguistic features of Istanbul Greek as being more pure or questioning Standard Modern Greek's normative status. Click here to see the powerpoint.


Sociolinguistics Symposium Presentation -July 2022

I gave a talk at the Sociolinguistics Symposium 24 held at the University of Ghent in Belgium. This presentation focused on chronotopes that Istanbul Greeks, especially those living in diaspora, engage with online. A multimodal discourse analysis of how photographs, dialectal features and performative narratives come together to achieve an Istanbul Greek place in an online space.


Book Under Contract! -October 2021

Matthew is very excited to announce that he along with colleagues Elena Ioannidou at the University of Cyprus and Petros Karatsareas at the University of Westminster have a book under contract with Routledge. As part of their Critical Multilingualism Series, the co-edited book will have chapters from a range of scholars exploring multilingualism in minoritized Greek populations. Contributors tackle topics ranging from Greek migrants in Europe, Canada, and Australia, as well as minoritized Greek varieties in homelands of Greece, Cyprus, and Istanbul. More details to follow!

NWAV Presentation -October 2021

I presented virtually at the NWAV 49  conference (hosted by the University of Texas Austin) discussing different patterns of variation for two dialectal features of Istanbul Greek. Due to the ongoing pandemic, all talks were prerecorded and presenters participated in discussion on our Zoom session. Click the link below to watch the talk I gave for the conference.


Article Published in JLS -September 2020

Together with Professor Matt Kanwit, I published an article on the use of Spanish diminutives in Madrid in the Journal of Language and Sexuality. This was my first peer-reviewed publication! Although numerous studies have showed a link between sociophonetic variables and perceptions regarding sexuality, our study demonstrates that speakers make similar links based on morphosyntactic variables (i.e., the morphological variable of diminutive use). In this case, ideologies related to age interact with ideologies related to gender, all of which influence the perception of sexuality with diminutives in Madrid Spanish. Read more here!