At University of Bern

MA seminars

Spring 2022 Metapragmatics and Beyond: Reflecting on Discourse

Spring 2022 Styling the Self: Language and Identity (co-taught with Dr. Erez Levon)

Fall 2021 Language, Ethnicity, & Race 

Spring 2021 Inter-cultural Communication


At University of Pittsburgh

Fall 2020 Language, Gender & Sexuality (BA co-taught with Domi Branson)

Summer 2020 Cross-cultural Communication (BA/MA)

Spring 2020 Cross-cultural Communication (BA)

Fall 2019 Language, Variation, & Change (BA as TF for Dr. Jevon Heath)

Spring 2018 Introduction to Linguistics (BA)

Fall 2017 Introduction to Linguistics (BA)

Spring 2017 Syntactic Theory (BA as TF for Dr. Matt Kanwit)

Fall 2016 Introduction to Linguistics (BA as TF for Dr. Melinda Fricke)

Spring 2016 Introduction to Linguistics (BA co-taught with Dr. Scott Kiesling)

Fall 2016 Introduction to Linguistics (BA as TA for Dr. Carrie Ankerstein)