I very graciously presented some of my research on Istanbul Greek sound change at the 8th Modern Greek Dialects and Linguistic Theory Conference held in Gjirokastër (Αργυρόκαστρο), Albania from October 4-6. I met some great linguistics working on diverse varieties of Modern Greek.

Here in the middle of the presentation. Photo courtesy of Kostando Baruta.

With some of the lovely presenters and organizers. Photo courtesy of Stavroula Tsiplakou

 PhD Candidate 

In April of 2018 I met all required milestones in order to transition from a PhD student to a PhD candidate! This means I only have to finish my fieldwork in Istanbul and Athens and the dissertation to then finally graduate with the PhD. This has been  such an experience. Almost at the finish line!

 Mellon Fellow 
 Mellon Fellow 

I was graciously awarded with the Mellon Fellowship for the 2018-2019 academic year. The fellowship will allow me to continue fieldwork in Istanbul and Athens as part of my on-going documentation of the Istanbul Greek dialect!

Midwest Workshop on the Greek Language 

I had the good fortune to present some of my work on sound change in Istanbul Greek at the 7th Annual Midwest Workshop on the Greek Language held early March of 2018 at the University of Chicago.  Below is a shot of the action, photo courtesy of Brian Joseph.

 Pitt Peer Professionalization 

In February of 2018, I presented a workshop series on peer professionalization for graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh. I created and presented an earlier version throughout the fall of 2016 on building an online presence. Click Here for the presentations and to learn more information on the University of Pittsburgh's Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Graduate Student Organization

 Community Outreach 

In December of 2017, O POLITIS, the leading newspaper for Istanbul Greek diaspora in Athens published an interview their reporter Stathis Arvanitis had with me in the summer.


Also in December 2017 KINSTERNA, literary magazine for the worldwide Istanbul Greek diaspora published an autobiographic article I wrote reflecting on my research and the Istanbul Greek community. 

In November 2017 I was interviewed by Spyros Armostis about my research and the Istanbul Greek dialect on his radio show USUS NORMA LOQUENDI. It's an online radio show in Greece and Cyprus.

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